When it comes to your budget, you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Don’t want to post on weekends? No problem. Need to spend extra this Friday? Got it. Budget contraints from a picky campaign? We have you covered.


AdLantern gives you all this control and more:


  • Set campaign budgets
  • Automatic budget calculation
  • Set budgets based on CPC
  • Customize budgets by day

Need budget management solutions for different types of campaigns?

We have that covered, too. Whether you have simple campaigns with single budgets, or more complex groups of campaigns share one budget, AdLantern handles it all!


  • Single and shared budgets
  • Fixed or fluid capabilities
  • Automatic recalculation
  • Short and long-term campaigns

Easy to get started. 3 Step Process.

Create Account.

It’s easy. Just visit AdLantern’s website and sign up for an account. We just need a few quick details to get you started.

Sync Campaigns.

Once you’re signed up, follow the easy on-screen instructions to sync your AdLantern account with Google Ads.

Start Budgeting.

That’s it! It only takes a few minutes for AdLantern to pull in your account info from Google Ads. Then, you’ll be ready to budget.

Still not convinced?

Maybe some screenshots of AdLantern set to upbeast music will do the trick!

Remember, AdLantern’s goal is to save you time. We know you know how to manage ad campaigns, and we want you to be able to focus on that. Let us handle the busy work for you so you can take back hours of your time each week.

Are you interested in AdLantern?

Sign up for your 14-day free trial today! No credit card required.

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