Introducing AdLantern: Why We Built a Budget Pacing Tool

Want to know why we created a new budget pacing tool to help digital marketers manage their Google Ads budgets? We’d love to tell you!

Months ago, we didn’t know a single thing about the world of digital marketing. We couldn’t tell you what PPC meant, and we certainly didn’t know anything about Google Ads. But, we heard that a lot of digital marketing agencies work with budgets to advertise for their clients. Not only that, many of them manage those budgets on spreadsheets or with scripts from the internet.

We thought, “This is a problem, and we can come up with a solution.”

The idea for AdLantern was born! And, through researching the digital marketing industry and partnering with Upward Brand Interactions, we’ve learned a lot. Now, we understand a few things:

  1. Digital marketers love what they do. They’re not looking for products to automate their jobs. They’re looking for tools to take away the busy work that comes along with their jobs. This means busy work like budget pacing and recalculation.
  2. Digital marketers spend unnecessary hours of time each month on this busy work. They calculate, recalculate, and pace budgets. They update spreadsheets, and more. Instead, they should be dedicating their time to their expertise.

We also understand the digital marketing industry. The way business owners promote themselves and attract clients has changed because of online culture, search engines, and social media. Digital advertising is now responsible for over 50% of all advertising revenue. And, Google Ads is the current leader.

We learned that digital marketing, itself, is constantly changing, too. Between social media, email automation, website SEO, paid search and display advertising, content and PR, and so much more… it can get overwhelming very quickly.

So, what do we want you to know?

AdLantern cuts to the heart of a core problem for digital marketers: budget management. By handling pacing and recalculation for you, we’re eliminating the tedious work that comes with your job. And, we’re giving you time back and peace of mind so you can focus on adapting to a changing marketplace.

Our promise: In the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, AdLantern is a simple and focused tool for a common and persistent pain point experienced by businesses large and small.

We built AdLantern to eliminate busy work for you, inexpensively and with no strings attached. That way, you can shine at what you do best, and deliver results for your clients.